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    Slut v raiment une belle image pour une belle princesses

    Posté par soso35, 09 février 2012 à 12:26 | | Répondre
  • Dear Majesty,

    I have experienced great difficulty in my life, first did not want to study because I wanted to immigrate to Europe and earn a lot of money, and this what I did, because in 1998 I get a visa and I went live in Italy with my family, I wanted to work in some factories in the north, but the situation was really tough and terrible because I had not had a regular situation and really suffered, and it is at this period of my life in Italy when I really meet people from different cultures and backgrounds, and I knew that the world is not a perfect place to live and democracy and justice are not spread everywhere, also I understand that we don’t enjoy the same rights despite we live under the same sky. In fact, I met many people who immigrated in Italy because they had many difficulties to live in their countries of origin, they were living in camps, there were people of different ages, they came from eastern European countries such as Albania, Yugoslavia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Romania, and also from countries of Central America and Latin America, Arab countries and sub-Saharan countries, and there were also immigrants from Asia from countries such as the India, Bangladesh. For me it was a hard experience but I have known many people, each one told his story and all the stories were painful, some of them could make you cry and taught you that life is not easy.

    I have suffered so much and then faced a critical situation, because I hadn’t have no money left and I was obliged to go to the refugees center too to get some help , after a hard life in those centers in Italy, France and Spain I have returned to my home country Morocco, and I decided to pursue my studies, I had a lot of difficulty, it was my parents who helped me for the tuition, we were very fortunate because the University is public, but really I had many difficulties, because I am currently unemployed, I have experience joblessness for about 4 years this is why I decided to write a PhD dissertation in applied economics, but now This is not reassuring because even with a PhD I will be unemployed, many PhD holder couldn’t find a job because of the economic situation, corruption and so on…
    I would so like to get job as junior counselor in the royal cabinet because it will open me the gates to justice and diplomacy and internal and foreign affairs in my home country and also it will enable me to find a decent job in one of the most honorable fields in professional life.

    I am really very motivated to get this job, I would like to work with you and do the maximum to do a good job and to achieve the objectives of the royal cabinet and be among your group if it is possible.

    Thank you so much your majesty

    Posté par Mehdi, 20 janvier 2015 à 00:54 | | Répondre
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